Flat Deck Service


Flatbeds play an instrumental part when it comes to towing many vehicles. Every vehicle is unique in its fundamentals; hence every vehicle needs to be towed according to its specifications and requirements. Sometimes, the most effective way is to simply get the wheels off the ground.

When one thinks of ground transporting of vehicles and other huge components of machinery, flatbed trucks are the safest and most damage-reducing manner to transport your important items from one point to another. The most important advantages of choosing this option over the others are the safety, simplicity, and versatility of the flatbed truck. It can essentially carry different items that vary in size, shape and volume, even though they are most commonly used for luxury cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.), sports cars, forklifts, and many more.

Our Winnipeg flatbed fleet tows a diverse range of automobiles and cars to their preferred destinations in the most efficient manner. CHAMPION TOWING provides tie down equipment for wheel lifts for multiple vehicle transport also.