Light-Duty Towing


Every single day, CHAMPION TOWING serves a multitude of customers with towing requirements that vary in scope, and each of them requires special equipment to tackle. CHAMPION TOWING’s light-duty fleet is exceptionally varied which permits our drivers to manage any stressful situation no matter the size with the appropriate equipment at your disposal. We take enormous pride in having an impeccable safety record and top-quality customer service.


  • Damage-free Under Reach Towing,
  • Utility Trailer Lifts,
  • Sedans, Small/low-profile Cars and Vans
  • Low Clearance Vehicles
  • Boosting and Lockouts
  • Dollyies and Winching

In the scenario wherein your vehicle is stuck in an underground parking garage, the first thing you need to do is call us. We have handled this several times with utmost expertise and care. Additionally, we are well aware of how stressful such a scenario can be for a driver considering all the risks involved. We are here to take care of you!!!