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Air cushions are perfect for cargos that are temperature sensitive, they protect sensitive freight using low-pressure air to safely upright loaded containers and equipment. Air cushions not only protect sensitive freight, but they also aid in avoiding to unload and reload the cargo, all of this works to prevent further loss to your cargo and equipment.

Timing is pivotal when it comes to accidents, meaning that the response time needs to be immediate. Champion Towing has the resources and equipment to facilitate a fast response to any form of incident. We offer a specialty team with the expertise and experience to safely upright vehicles that have been overturned with the use of our Air Cushion Recovery system.  

  • Equipped with Air Cushions, generator, saws, traffic control signs and other relevant forms of safety equipment

  • Allows lifting of loaded tractor and trailer without offloading and causing any further damage

  • Capable of lifting 120,000 lbs. 

  • Up-righting of overturned tractor-trailer units 

  • Tankers, RV's, 5th wheel trailers, etc. 

  • Up-righting of shipping containers 

  • Shifting loads in constricted areas

  • Avoiding additional loss to loads and equipment 

A key feature that separates our team from others is the ability to work with the different levels of government in our local and long-distance municipalities. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to emergency scenes quickly and fashionably and dealing with all different types of insurance companies so our customers can rest at ease. With our Heavy Rescue and Recovery division, customers can be assured that their requests will be answered in a quick, efficient, and safe manner.

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