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In the case of emergency spills of chemicals or hazardous materials, it becomes a necessity to hire top-quality professionals like Champion Towing to ensure the cleanup is conducted in an efficient, professional, and dependable manner. In high-risk scenarios such as these, it is of extreme importance that you hire the right people that know what they are doing including all the risks involved. At Champion Towing, we are trained to clean up various forms of hazardous or emergency spills such as:

  • Oil Spills

  • Fuel Spills

  • Antifreeze & Battery acids

  • Chemical & Hazardous Materials

  • Fuel Transfers

Whether it is immediate response and containment, or just cleanups and disposals, we can manage any size of the problem because we have the right equipment and tools to deal with it. Champion Towing can easily manage removals of solid, liquid, or dry materials with our HAZMAT specialty truck, and also a trailer to manage comparatively smaller spills. The skilled technicians at Champion Towing are highly trained to manage most hazardous material and/or spill cleanups as we are fully certified with years of experience under our belts working in different scenarios involving hazardous material. Dealing with hazardous spills is daunting enough of a task, as it requires specific steps pertaining to health and safety guidelines. It is imperative that you choose a company that has a solid reputation in dealing with such forms of material. You do not need the additional stress of looking elsewhere, as you are in safe hands every time with Champion Towing.

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